The First Point of Aries (Or How I Learned To Love the Code)

26 Feb

How Many times Did you Look At this!

Hello Ginter fanatics. I’m going to go out on a limb and assume most of you don’t know me or what I’m about.  So, click here if you would like to know more about my blog.  Maybe my blog is something you’d like to check out now and then.  (Or you want to sift through my old blog.  Whateves.)

Also, this post originally appeared here at our Allen & Ginter Code Blog.  I’ll be doing most of the blogging about this topic over there, with links from here.  This one was too cool not to do twice 🙂

The full story of how this was figured out is too big to tell here (or all at once-it’s big enough as it is).  So if you are just looking for a solution-well you should be able to skim this pretty quickly.

The only caveat I insist on is that you understand that I didn’t solve this puzzle on my own.  This was a three way effort, and Ryan and Guillaume (my teammates) deserve as much, if not more, credit than I do.  I’m happy to have done my part, and to know that I helped.  That what I did was part of the solution, but it wasn’t the whole thing.

That said, after 8 months of this-my eyes were just about to come bleeding out of my skull from this code.

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Mission Statement

24 Feb


As of today you’ll have found your way to this blog for one of two reasons.  You are a friend of mine, and/or a fan of my old blog, and followed a link I posted on a social media site somewhere:


You know me as one of three folks who solved the Allen & Ginter 2011 baseball card code.  My very next post is going to be about that, but I wanted to take a moment to post what I want my new blog to be about.
Run and Stop the Run.  Elite Quarterback.  Take the first Pitch.  A variety of sports cliches that make sense until they don’t.  See Moneyball.  Or Bill Walsh and the West Coast Offense.  See Life in general.

This blog, hopefully, will be a blog that takes cliche, and short hand thinking (not just in sports, but politics, social life, etc.) and applies a rational, realistic thought process to the concept.  It’s my opinion that a lot of folks buy into this short hand thought to their detriment.  To all of our detriment.  So I want to talk about it, and I want to do that here.

Now-don’t worry (as if you were worried!).  Those that know me have come to expect a certain amount of comedy and irreverence in my posts, and that will still be around.  I plan on being me.  Just a bit more focused, for the most part, on what it is I write about.

Wish me luck!